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Tobias Garden

Est. 2015

Established in 2015 by a retired couple in their seventies to fill a void left when their local produce farm closed down, Richard and Janet set to work growing on a small plot of land in their backyard. Matt and Deidre came to the garden in November of 2016. They have been growing for market since 2010 with experience in several different locations within the US. Having spent the past two years working on a small farm in Southeast Utah near Moab, they were now looking about the countryside for a farm that they could call their own. The Dealys eventually purchased the property from the Nelsons and began to develop the farm, building greenhouses and other infrastructure. 


The past several years have been challenging, as starting any business is. We are still working to build the necessary infrastructure to make this business lifestyle truly sustainable for our family, but our desire to fill a need in the Black Hills for fresh, healthy and locally grown produce is becoming a reality. Join us on this journey of health and hard work by supporting us and becoming a necessary part of our farm family.


Our Growing Practices

We take great pride in producing the highest quality of produce available to our customers! The harvest to delivery window is very small, often times the same day. This ensures optimal flavor, nutrition and shelf life in our final product.

Our gardening methods are similar to those that you would find in any home garden. We use small hand tools to do our planting, cultivating and harvesting. Once our food is in the ground we do not use any chemical fertilizers, but instead focus on the health and fertility of our soil overall. Additionally, we do not use chemical pesticides to control insect damage on our crops. Instead, we use hand removal, trap cropping, crop rotation and physical barriers, such as floating row covers to minimize damage. Our weed management plans include hand removal, flame weeding and ground cover rather that using herbicides.


The bottom line is that our produce is clean and chemical-free, just the way it should be!!

Key West Family.jpg

Owners, Matt and Deidre Dealy

Josiah, Hadassah, Hannah & Hosannah

Matt and Deidre have been working in small-scale agriculture since 2010 when they interned on their first farm. Prior to this, Matt was working in the construction industry, building private homes as well as constructing commercial, metal buildings. This background in construction has lent itself well to the profession of Market Gardening. Deidre comes from a background in the service industry and as a Registered Nurse.


The Dealys have had the opportunity to work on gardens in several states including Washington, Utah, Kentucky and South Dakota. They love the Black Hills and are happy to call them home. 

You will never find this family idle! As if raising a family of four children in the garden was not enough, they always have some other kind of project going on. Their creative energies find outlet in their building projects, crafts and ministry to their community.

Founders, Richard and Janet Nelson

Richard remains a support to the farm, coming out to help prune, weed and clean produce during the growing season. His passion for growing and love of life are a wonderful part of our family here on the farm.


In the fall of 2020, our beloved Janet lost her battle with cancer. We are daily inspired with her positive outlook on life, even till the end. We look forward to seeing her again on the golden streets of Heaven.

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