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Tobias Garden LLC 2020 Summer CSA Agreement

24624 Bridle Rein Drive

Hermosa, SD 57744


CSA Details:

Farming is an unpredictable business. In joining our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program you are collaborating with us in assuming the possible risks associated with growing (drought, pests, etc.) as well as the benefits (bountiful harvests, building relationships, supporting local businesses, etc). At Tobias Garden LLC we make every effort to grow a wide variety of crops, provide weather protection and control pest damage in order to minimize the impact of any crop failures that we may experience. It is our goal to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your CSA experience so we can continue to serve you for years to come! We do not issue refunds for crop failures due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances in the unlikely event that we experience multiple crop failures at once.


Our Summer 2020 CSA is a 12 week program which begins in July. Since our start date is weather dependent, you will be notified at least 1-2 weeks prior to deliveries beginning.


We have two types of CSA shares available: a Traditional-style CSA share and a Market-style CSA Share. Please see our website for specifics on each share type as well as details concerning pickup locations and times.

Market-style members: There is no rollover of unused credit to the next season. If you choose this option, please be sure to budget your balance or use much of it during the peak of the season. 
Additional credit can also be purchased if you run out mid-season!

Growing Practices:

We are not an organic farm, but we consider our farming methods to be “beyond organic”. We grow without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We manage our pest pressure by utilizing crop rotation, floating row covers and manual removal methods. Additionally, we do not use inputs that are from animal sources, such as manures, bone or blood meals. This helps to minimize the risk of food borne illness related to such practices. We perform soil tests as well as tissue analysis of plants and fertilize accordingly...which means those vitamins and minerals are present in our final product.


We strive to offer the freshest, most tasteful, quality produce available and to provide a wide variety of produce in each box. We may occasionally include produce in our boxes from other farmers whose practices align with our own. If any of the contents in the box are not from our farm, you will be notified accordingly.



By agreeing to join our CSA you are also agreeing to open and read email communications from us. These communications may contain information such as: your account balance, newsletters, important changes or announcements, etc. We ask that you read these emails in a timely manner to keep informed of any changes that may occur.

We will do our best to reply to any correspondence in a timely manner, but please keep in mind that we work outside without constant access to phone, email, etc.


Rules and Procedures:

Observe the designated pickup times and locations- please be mindful and respectful of the pickup hosts. We ask that you do not coordinate pickups outside of the designated time or location as we cannot guarantee the produce quality and it creates more work for our hosts. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your box after pickup times.


Sign out your share at pickup- Do not take a box if your name is not on the list, but instead contact us to find a solution or understand why you do not see your name.

If your share has not been picked near the end of the designated timeframe, we will give you a courtesy/reminder call or text. All unclaimed shares will be donated to a local, needy family or food program. Tobias Garden LLC will not compensate you for unclaimed shares.


Please bring your own bag or box to the pickup location. We will no longer be sending reusable totes home with CSA members each week.


If you are not available to pick up your share on a specific week, we encourage you to ask a friend or family member to pick it up in your stead - make sure they know the basics of picking up a box (time, location, checking your name off list, etc.



Cancellation Policy and Vacation Holds:

We understand that sometimes life events throw us for a loop! If you are unable to complete the CSA program because you are moving, have a family emergency, or any other unforeseen circumstance, please contact us and we can discuss the possibility of issuing a refund for the remainder of the season (a cancellation fee may apply).


Every CSA member has the ability to place their box delivery on hold for a maximum of 2 weeks throughout the season if they are unavailable to pickup. Requests may be made by emailing or calling the farm and must be received two days prior to delivery to be honored. 


When you schedule a vacation hold you may choose one of three options:

1- to have your box donated to a local charity

2- to receive a double box on another week of your choice

3- to forfeit that week's box

No vacation holds are accepted after September 15.


Pease note: Vacation holds apply to Traditional-style Shares only. If Market-style members do not wish to receive a box on a given week, simply do not place an order for that week.


Payment Expectations:

Payment for your CSA share is due up front, at sign up. We use a web-based software program to help manage the financial interactions between our CSA members and our Farm. Market-style members have access to their online accounts where you can view your balance, change contact information, find details about your pickup location or place orders for weekly boxes.

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