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This CSA share is an excellent choice if you have a busy schedule and don't want to have to remember to build your custom box each week. Or maybe you just want to be surprised and maybe a little challenged sometimes with what you get in your box each week. It's how CSA's started and how they all used to be.

(and we promise we will do our best to not be redundant...or too crazy)


All CSA Shares include a $15 membership/technology fee.

You can see our CSA FAQ page for additional information.

Rapid City Traditional CSA Share

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our 2024 Traditional CSA Share is the perfect choice for those looking to be surprised and delighted with a bountiful variety of fresh, seasonal produce each week. With a traditional share, members will receive a pre-selected assortment of produce directly from our farm, providing an opportunity to explore new flavors and creative recipes. Whether it's crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes in the summer or hearty squash and kale in the fall, our members can look forward to a diverse and ever-changing selection of farm-fresh produce. Please note that the Traditional CSA Share does not allow for customization, as we curate each weekly share to showcase the best of what our farm has to offer. Join our community and support local, sustainable agriculture with a 2024 Traditional CSA Share.

  • Please see our CSA agreement

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