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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are a way to support local farms while making an impact with your food dollar!

Our CSA Program offers a seasonal membership to the consumer. This membership is much like owning stock in the farm for a season. Our CSA program runs for a 15 week period during the peak of the growing season. This produce box is filled with the freshest, most abundant produce available.



What's so great about being a part of a CSA program?

Fresh Food!! You will never find food that is more fresh than that provided direct from the farmer! Usually our food is harvested the same day of delivery, ensuring maximum nutrient density, flavor, shelf life and overall quality.


Our CSA members, having invested in our farm, are given the greatest selection and first pick of what we have available over our other sales outlets, such as farmers markets and wholesale.

CSA's Lessen Your Food Footprint. These days our food travels for, literally, thousands of miles before it arrives in our home, being handled by numerous companies or individuals along the way. By purchasing direct from the farm, your food travels a minimal distance and is handled only by our veggie-loving staff.

They Challenge You To Try New Things. Many of our past customers have said that one of their favorite parts of joining a CSA is that they have been challenged to try things that they had never heard of before, to find new recipes and to eat healthier overall.

You Get to Support Local Business. We all know that our communities are better and stronger when the businesses there are thriving and when our tax dollars stay close to home. And, did we mention it's fresh?!

Community. Many of our CSA members have found community with other like-minded individuals. We welcome our CSA members to join us for an open house on the farm once a year to connect, experience and see where we do what we do.

How does a CSA impact farmers?

Many of the expenses associated with running a small farm occur in the spring, by purchasing a CSA membership, you help the farmer to cover these costs up front, when they need it the most. Additionally, farmer's have a secured market for the food they are growing and get to meet their customers face-to-face rather than shipping their product off to a store somewhere or sitting at farmer's market with their produce exposed to the elements.


What share types do you offer?

Traditional CSA Shares

A traditional CSA is one in which members receive a pre-selected assortment of produce directly from our farm each week. This is a great choice if you want to be challenged and try new items and recipes, or if you want your box built automatically each week, with no further work on your part.

Market-style Shares

Market-style members receive a purchasing credit that can be used to build their box on our website each week, based on availability and personal preferences. With this type of CSA you're in full control of what goes in your box. However, you must be sure to log into our online store during the order window, and build your box each week. If you don't, you will not receive any produce that week. The online store is open for orders from noon Friday until noon Sunday.

How often do I pick up my share?

Our CSA Pickups are on Monday evenings from 5-7pm, beginning sometime in July and running through 15 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Traditional and Market-style shares are both $415, which includes a $15 membership/technology fee. You can add additional credit to your account during the season as needed or pay as you go once your balance is used up.

Why do you charge a membership/technology fee?

Community Supported Agriculture is a form of sale that requires things like website development and management, commerce hosting, credit card fees, etc. All of these add overhead costs. For this reason, we have chosen to include a fee to help cover these expenses. 

How do I make payments?

You have two options:

1-Pay in full online at the time of purchase

2- Choose "offline payment" option at checkout to mail your payment in full, or pay 50% at time of sign up and another 50% on the first delivery day.

Payment can be mailed to: 24624 Bridle Rein Dr, Hermosa, SD 57744

Please note: your CSA signup is not complete until your first payment has been received or you have made arrangements with us to do so. Failure to make this payment in a timely manner may result in losing your spot in our CSA.

When does it start?

We anticipate our 2024 CSA will begin on July 15. This is a ballpark and the CSA could begin 1-2 weeks earlier or later, weather dependent. We will notify you at least a week prior to your first delivery.

Where do I get my box?

You can pickup your CSA share from 5-7 pm on Mondays at the location you designate at signup:

Tobias Garden, 24624 Bridle Rein Drive, Hermosa, SD in Hermosa, SD

Rapid City location TBD, Rapid City, SD

What can I expect in my box each week?

We grow a wide variety of vegetables on our farm. We strive to provide as much variety as possible throughout the season. Our product availability is always changing as the weather changes and crop successes and failures occur. For this reason we do not guarantee any specific crop.

I have a Market-style share, how do I place an order each week?

Every Friday we will send you a notification email when our online store is open for orders and updated with our expected harvest for the upcoming delivery. We will try to have the store open as promptly as possible at noon each Friday. We will include a link to our online store in the email for you to place your order. We recommend placing your orders as soon as possible, as some items may sell out quickly.

What if I can't pick my box up one week?

You have a couple of options...

1- You can send a friend or family member to pick up your share in your stead

2- You may place a vacation hold through your online account and choose to "make up" your share on a different week

(please note that vacation holds are limited and must be planned in advance)

How do I sign up?

You can navigate to our signup page by clicking HERE

Do I have to sign a Membership Agreement?

Yes and you can find it HERE

I'm still not sure I'll like it.

CSA programs are not for everyone, but if you're still interested we encourage you to give it a try! If you are not satisfied with our CSA program we will make it right! Your satisfaction is why we do what we do!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

Deidre: 605-545-0852

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